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Again this season there is an option to purchase your own Track/Cross Country uniform.
Most of our serious Cross Country and Track runners now own their own.
The purchase of your own uniform is not required but it is encouraged as we're gradually converting over to a new design.
The current uniforms that we issue are a few years old and, while still servicable, will need to eventually be replaced.
You can see the old uniforms here.... or on any other recent year on our photo site except for 2015 Cross Country and 2016 Track..
Also if you plan to run Cross Country this is the same uniform that we use for that sport so you'd be covered for both seasons.

If you order a girls' X-Small or Small top you'll get exactly the singlet shown below with the white stripe down the side.
We have 14 X-Small and 4 Small girls' tops from a previous purchase.
This should be enough to cover all orders so there will be no waiting.
Any other size we'll have to order and you'll get the version shown at the bottom of the page because Nike changed the design a bit.

If you order a boy's uniform you'll get one similar to what Luke's wearing below but there will be white stripes down the side.
Again, because Nike changed the design.

Boys or Girls
Size of top
Size of bottom
Name of athlete
Note... Although this is a PayPal check-out you don't need a PayPal account.
You can use any credit card.

New Cross Country and Track Uniforms

New Track Uniforms

Cross Country runners Luke, Naya, and Kerry with the new Nike uniforms. The girls bottoms are spandex, the boys bottoms are lined.
In nearly all the photos for the 2016 Track season the athletes are wearing the new design.

The older design, which we'll have to distribute in some cases can be seen in photos prior to 2016.... This is the 2015 Track Season with the previous design.

Uniform Back
Gabriella showing-off the new design's back. "Coronado" is on both the boys' and girls' tops. That way other teams will know who beat them :-)

If you order a uniform other than the girls tops that we have in-stock it'll take a couple of weeks to get them.
During that period you'll be issued a uniform to compete in.


The new Nike girls' singlet design looks basically the same as what's above but without the white stripe down the side.

The new version of the boy's singlet has a white stripe down the side but otherwise looks like the ones we purchased last year.