Donation Form for 2019 Track and Field

Because the Islander Sports Foundation (ISF) no longer takes money to register your kids, it's up to each sport to raise money for expenses.
On top of that, the ISF deducts $60 for each team member for overall operating expenses.
None of this money goes directly to the track program.
Track requires a lot of coaches because there are so many events to cover.
The School pays for the head coach and two assistants only.

Plus, there are uniforms, hurdles, jump pit maintenance, blocks, measuring tapes, throwing implements, plyo hurdles, standards, stopwatches, electronic timing devices, etc.
On top of that we have to cover the fee for each invite that we attend.

I've set up a web page using my shopping cart (used for a couple of online stores I have) to collect these donations. I suggest that everyone donate at least $110 to offset these costs. Otherwise, the money comes out of our booster account or someone else's donation.

Three ways you can donate:
1. Make a check to "ISF CHS Track Boosters" and send it to practice with your student.

2. Mail or drop off the check to:
Condra Mullins
846 C Ave
Coronado CA 92118

3. Pay online. I made a PayPal cart for this.
You don't need PayPal to use it, as any Credit Card will work.
The recipient is "Green Things," but that's me. Your donations will go to Coronado Track Boosters.
See the Donate button at the bottom of this page.

Your donation is tax deductible: Tax ID #33-0584000

You can enter whatever amount you want in the donation box but remember our "break even" point is around $110 per athlete.

If you donate via the website I'll get your info but would you also send me an email or text that you did, with the name(s) of your athlete(s)?

-Coach Green
Cell: 619-869-6873

Home: 619-435-3633