Girls' Shot Put Record
Kara Solem:   32' 11" with 4-kilogram shot 2002
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Kara Solem had come close to the shot put record several times during her senior year and at the Madison dual meet in 2002 it all came together for her. Actually she broke the record three times that day with the her best throw nearly out to the 33 foot mark. Because she exceeded both the 4-kilogram and 8-pound records her throw removed the asterisk from this event (see below).



Previous Record holder for 4 kilogram shot put: Vanessa Bowman 32' 3" 1996
LuntAndBowman.jpg (11969 bytes)Bowman.jpg (31794 bytes)When the girls shot put weight was raised from 8 pounds to 4 kilograms (about 8#-13oz.) the girls shot put record had to be started over at the new weight. I don't have a record of who set the initial mark but it may have been Vanessa Bowman. She threw 32' 3" with the new weight. Since this was 6 inches shorter than Moe Carr threw in 1980 with an 8 pound shot both records were maintained at that time. In 2002 Kara Solem exceeded both marks (see above). Vanessa is shown the left with miler Jessica Lunt and to the right throwing the discus.

Previous Record holder for 8 pound shot put: Moe Carr 32' 9" 1980

Moecarr1.jpg (15891 bytes)Moecarr2.jpg (12379 bytes)


Moe Carr set the "modern" 8 pound version of the record at 32' 9" in 1980 and she still holds the discus record. The photo to the left is from her senior photo in the year book, the one to the right from the cross country page. Yes, Virginia, sometimes shot putters run.

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Finally we have Cheryl Anderson from the Girls Individual teams of the early 60's. The photo was taken from the 1964 yearbook before girls track became an official CIF sport. Cheryl put the shot 36' 3" that year. I think an 8 pound shot was used but I'm not certain.