Donation Form for 2018 Cross Country

Because the Islander Sports Foundation (ISF) no longer takes money to register your kids, it's up to each sport to raise money for expenses.
On top of that, the ISF deducts $60 for each team member for overall operating expenses.
Our main yearly expense is the entry fee required for each Invitational that we attend.
For example, the Vaquero Invite cost us $12 for each runner and the Bronco Invite this Saturday will cost us $9 per runner.
Mt. Carmel costs $15 each, South Bay $8, Woodbridge $9, Mt. SAC $120 for Boys and Girls team, Stanford $350 if we take boys and girls teams, and Hoka $50/team. Most kids will go to 5 or 6 of these meets.

For a JV runner, the cost is around $50 each. For a member on the varsity squad (top 7) that cost will be around $80.
The big difference here is the Stanford that only accepts the top 7 boys and top 7 girls.
Because of this, we need to collect a "donation" from each parent to offset these costs.

I've set up a web page using my shopping cart (used for a couple of online stores I have) to collect these donations. I suggest that everyone donate at least $110 to offset these costs. Otherwise, the money comes out of our booster account or someone else's donation.

Three ways you can donate:
1. Make a check to "ISF CHS Cross Country Booster" and send it to practice with your student.

2. Mail or drop off the check to:
Michelle Hundley
661 J Ave.
Coronado CA 92118

3. Pay online. I made a PayPal cart for this.
You don't need PayPal to use it, as any Credit Card will work.

Your donation is tax deductible: Tax ID #33-0584000

The form is below. When the donation form comes up there is a box to check for a monthly contribution.
That's a "feature" of the form that I can't remove so leave it unchecked.

You can enter whatever amount you want in the donation box but remember out "break even" point is around $110 per athlete.

If you donate via the website I'll get your info but would you also send me an email or text that you did, with the name of your kid?

-Coach Green
Cell: 619-869-6873