Donation Form for 2018 Track

This year, instead of requesting a $100 donation per athlete, the Islander Sports Foundation (ISF) is requesting only $60 per athlete.
The reduction is because they found it too difficult to collect fees from all participants.

Instead of collecting the fee directly, it's now the responsibility of the booster clubs to collect the donation.
If we don't get your donation we still must pay out of our booster account.

Three ways you can donate:
1. Make a check to "ISF CHS Track Booster" and send it to practice with your student.

2. Mail or drop off the check to Condra Mullins (mailbox) at 846 C Ave.

3. Pay online. I made a PayPal cart for this.
You don't need PayPal to use it as any Credit Card will work.
The form is below.

-Coach Green
Cell: 619-869-6873

Name of Athlete