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Cross Country
Practice is every school day unless otherwise communicated via text and email.
We meet at 3:45 every day except for Wednesday.
Because school gets out at 2:00 on Wednesday, we’ll meet at 2:30.
Some of the kids have other activities during the week that interfere with CC practice. The biggest problem with this is we don’t do the same thing every day. Practice is geared to upcoming meets, the time of the season, and what we did on previous days. In general, we’ll have two quality days each week with the other days recovery or base running. If one or both quality days are missed each week, the kid will quickly fall behind. If there is a race on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday will usually be the quality days. If like this week, the meet is on Friday, we’ll usually have one quality day on Tuesday, with the meet counting as a second quality day. For those not running the meet on Friday, Thursday will be the second quality day, with Friday a recovery day or base run on their own.
After this Fridays’ meet, we have Mt. Carmel, which is on Saturday, Sept 18th. This is followed 6 days later by the Downey Classic on Friday Sept 24th. After that we’re in our league season with a meet every Wednesday except for Oct 22nd. There’s a meet (Kit Carson) on the schedule, but I don’t think we’ll attend it. We need a break. Unlike the Invites, I expect everyone to run in these meets. We’ll probably have optional Saturday workouts during this period for the more motivated kids.
After the league finals on Oct 10th, there’s a 10-day break until the CIF finals.
For CIF finals we can enter only 7 boys and 7 girls.

Key websites:

Our page on Athletic.net

Conference, League,  and CIF
Three groups, Conference, League, and CIF
Conference is a group of Leagues.
We’re in the City Conference.
The three leagues in the City Conference are City (often confused with the Conference), Eastern, and Western.
The City league consists of the smaller, weaker schools; the Western league is generally the larger, stronger schools, the Eastern league is somewhere in-between the two.

We used to be in the City League (which was also once the Harbor League and the Central League).
It was a joke; we were the league champs nearly every year for both boys and girls.
A few years ago, we moved to the Eastern League where we won both the boys and girls titles (just barely, ‘tho). So, we moved to the Western League with a lot more competition. Schools in the City Conference move in and out of the three leagues.
There are 18 Leagues in San Diego County.
You can see them on the AthleticDotNet Cross Country page for San Diego.

CIF: The Structure for CIF is based totally on school size.
There are 5 divisions with D-1 composed of the largest schools. We’re in D-4.
The Division Champions for both teams and Individuals are determined by one race, the CIF finals.
This year they will be at Morley Field on November 20th. The only meet beyond the CIF finals is the state meet. To qualify for state in our division, we must finish among the top three teams at the CIF finals.

Scoring for Cross Country:
For most of our meets this season, scoring will not be an issue as we’re in pretty deep in our league and all of the invites we’ll attend are grade-level or division-based. In the girls' CIF finals, however, we could have a shot at qualifying for state.
Here is a very brief description of how a Cross Country race is scored.
A Cross Country team is comprised of 7 runners. If more are allowed to enter a race, finishers past the seventh for a team don’t count in the scoring. Scoring is simple; each team's first five finish positions are added up with the lowest scores on top. If there is a tie, the position of the sixth runners from the tying teams break the tie. Although the 6th and 7th finishers don’t figure in the actual tally, they “push back” the scores of the other scorers if they finish in front of them. This is why they’re called “pushers.” That’s all there is to it.