Dual Meet With Crawford


The boys on both sides knew going into last Tuesday’s dual meet with Crawford that the match-up would probably determine this year’s league championship. On paper the Islanders were the stronger team up front with the 1-2-3 punch of Jake Ruzevick, Brad Munns and Ben Enowitz but there was no guarantee that they would lock up the race with a top 3 finish as Crawford’s top three were pretty strong as well. In a cross country dual meet a team can mathematically guarantee victory by placing its top 3 runners in front of the first runner from the opposing team. The middle part of the race favored Crawford with a solid group of pack runners. This promised to be a classic dual meet between two teams with different strengths. In recent meets Michael Davies, Josh Fink and Jose Tijerina had been moving up in the ranks but both Fink and Tijerina came down with colds that morning and were less than 100%. At the half-mile point Ruzevick, Munns and the top Crawford runner were together, followed by two more Crawford runners leading Enowitz, then a big gap to the 2nd pack dominated by Crawford. At that point it appeared the race could go either way. The Coronado runners knew what was at stake, however, and came through. Ruzevick and Munns powered their way to PR’s clocking 15:52 and 16:34 respectively over the 3-mile Morley Field course. Enowitz passed the two Crawford runners in front of him and eventually caught their top runner. The two passed each other several times over the last mile with Enowitz prevailing at the finish with a PR of 17:12 to his rival’s time of 17:25. This locked-up the race but the runners in the pack didn’t know this. Crawford took the next 4 places followed by Davies, Crawford, Reid McLean and Drew Lewis. All three Coronado runners PR’d with times of 19:15, 19:22 and 19:39. Fink and Tijerina succumbed to their colds finishing in 14th and 15th followed by Alton Smith, Tim Bowman, and Olivier Schmied in 16-18. The final score was Coronado 24, Crawford 31.

In the girls race the Islanders swept the top 5 places in a 15-44 romp. Ashley Walsh won by nearly a minute and a half in 21:45. Followed by Karolin Ivarsson, Hope Alexander, Katie Gomrick, Sarah Player and Anneke Nelson in 7th.