Madison Dual Meet


Both the boys and girls cross country teams placed their top 3 runners in front of Madison’s first to lock up their respective dual meets in a downpour last Tuesday over the Morley Field 3 mile city conference cross country course. Immediately after the race it stopped raining and it was sunny for the rest of the day. Because of the slippery footing the times were slower than normal. Jake Ruzevick (17:45), Brad Munns (18:33) and Ben Enowitz (19:10) led the boys to a 17-40 win followed by Josh Fink (6th in 19:44), Michael Davies (8th in 19:44), Drew Lewis (10th in 20:33), Alton Smith (11th in 20:39) and Tim Bowman (13th in 21:53).

Ashley Walsh (22:59), Karolin Ivasson (23:34) and Hope Alexander (23:38) locked up the girls race followed by Sarah Player (6th), Katie Gomrick (8th) and Anneke Nelson (12th) to win by the score of 20-35.