Hoover Dual Meet
(1 May 2008)

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We knew going in to last week's dual meet with Lincoln that we'd be in a hornet's nest without a can of bug spray. The latest estimate of their student body count puts them at over 2500. With no Lacrosse team to dilute their talent pool and the transfer of many of the best sprinters in the in the city conference to their ranks, they don't belong in the Central league. They were put there because that's where they were four years ago when they closed down to rebuild the school. That said, they are a great bunch of kids and I know their head coach, Adam Henderson, from youth track. One of Adam's daughters is Monique who won a gold medal at the Olympics as an alternate on the US 4x400 team and was a 4-time winner of the 400 meter dash at the state high school meet. Since there was no way to beat them with my usual strategies Adam and I agreed to allow as many kids to compete is as many events as they wanted, so we put all our athletes into a computer program normally used for invitational events and ran a lot of heats. When it was all over we actually did pretty well with the girls scoring 42 points to Lincoln's 85 and the boys scoring 46 to Lincoln's 90. As good as Lincoln is from the 400 on down, they're still a bit weak in the distance events and they have no competitive pole vaulters. Add to this their top long/triple jumper is hurt and we have one of the best in the person of Kyle Brown enabled us to avoid a blow-out.

In the boys' meet Brown won the long jump with 22-1, the triple jump with 42-3 and finished in a virtual tie for first in the 100 meter dash with Lincoln's George Conley in 11.3 against a stiff head-wind. After Brown you had to go down to 10th and 11th place in the 100 to find the next Coronado finishers, Ricardo Oberwager, and Michael Gasparro. In the distance events Andy Centeno has been knocking on the "sub-5 minute mile" door for the last couple of meets so the plan was for Ben Enowitz to pace him to this milestone mark. It worked great and Andy now has a 4:53.6 time to add to his resume. Michael Davis was 3rd with 5:01.7. Ben and David Grimes hooked up in 800 with Grimes going out fast and Enowitz closing fast at the finish. Both PR'd with Grimes running 2:03.3 and Enowitz 2:03.8. Lincoln put only one runner in the 3200 who finished 4th behind Grimes, Enowitz, and Davies. The only other boy to score twice was freshman Will Bartsch who won the pole vault and placed 3rd in the high jump.

In the girls' meet the exception to the Hornet's lack of distance runners is Elizabeth Apgar who leads the county in the 800 meter run and is one of San Diego's top cross country runners. Apgar and Sallie Privett hooked up in a fast 1600 meter run with Apgar winning with a time of 5:10.3 and Privett not far back in 5:11.8. Freshman Annie Lovering PR'd in third place with 5:33.3. In the 800 Apgar and Privett again finished 1-2 with Lovering 4th and Davies 6th. By then the girls were pretty tired so both teams skipped the 3200 meter run. Neisha Scales broke into the Hornet's sprint core with 3rd place finishes in both the 100 and 200 meter dashes. We have a pretty good core of young hurdlers but they aren't yet up to Lincoln's Senior star in those events, Rashan Guillory, who won both the 100 highs and 300 lows. In the former Soph Danielle Gillberg and Frosh Rishina Mancillas picked up the place and show spots. In the latter race up-and-coming freshmen hurdlers Madalyn Danielson and Danielle Swanson placed 2nd and 3rd. Danielson also placed 2nd in the 400 followed by Stephanie Pietkiewicz and Grace Laukaitis in 4th and 5th. Swanson picked up 2nd in the pole vault behind our winner Briana Giorgione, who also placed 2nd in the high jump followed by Cassie Callahan in 3rd. Callahan also scored in two other events with seconds in both the long jump and triple jump. In the latter Brigid Twomey picked up the 3rd place point. Natalie Brooks has been nursing a sore quad so lately she's taken up throwing. It's starting to pay-off with 2nd place in the discus throw and 3rd place in the shot put.