Hill Workouts at Balboa Park

For years the San Diego Track Club has met at Balboa Park on Tuesday for club workouts.
Starting on July 16th they'll start the 10 week "hill" phase of these sessions.
They welcome High Schoolers to join them, and we've taken part in the past.
Not so much since the Pandemic, but it's time to start this again.
All workouts finish-up with strides and core.
There are all-levels of runners at these sessions, so don't be intimidated.
The workouts start near 6th and Laurel every Tuesday, but it's best to arrive early to warm-up.
The training is conducted by long time San Diego Track Club Coach, Paul Greer.
Paul has just published a running book called "Going the Distance."

Here is the schedule up to the start of the school year:

16 July : Zig Zag and Powder Hill x 4 or 5
Both of these hills are seriously steep !!!
They are located on the Bridal Trail below the dog park

23 July : 4 x 3 minutes steady state run along Bridal Trail.
Not as steep as the 16 July workout, but rolling.

30 July : 2 x Balboa Park Loop (above Bridal trail sidewalk and grass).

6 August : Back to Zig/Zag and Powder Hill

13 August : 6 x 6th Ave Hills
This is around a 90 foot rise over around 560 meters along 6th Ave next to the park.

20 August : Back to Zig/Zag and Powder Hill

You can see shots from these workouts in this 2016 pre-season training gallery.