Summer Training
No obligation, for more info contact Coach Green

Cell: 619-869-6873

Islander Track
Core Routines and meet schedule

Tuesdays at 6 PM

Things to Get:
Running Watch: You don't need anything fancy, Many of our workouts are time based. If you already have a good watch, great. However, all you really need is a $17 Casio watch. Here's a link.

Jay Johnson Book: Consistency is Key. I recommend that everyone get this book.

Mini Resistance Bands: Lots of choices on Amazon. Here's a set for around $12.

Contact Form : If you're new to the team, please fill out this contact form to get on our email/text list.

Be sure to register online on the IslanderSportsFoundation site... see the "MORE" tab.

If you need a physical, South Bay Urgent Care has a walk-in service for only $35.

With families on vacation, in camps, at summer jobs, etc., getting everyone together for workouts is impossible.
What I need from our summer group is a schedule of when you will not be available to join us or when you will not be available.
Please email with your availability:
Coach Green :
This is the current list.

Running Paces: This give you an idea of how fast you should be running for various workouts.

 Easy base mileage is the most essential part of your training this early in the pre-season.
When you add strides after every workout or incorporate them into your run, you’ll be ready for the workouts we’ll be doing in late summer and when the season starts.

-Once again, get back to me with your summer plans. It takes me more time than you think to prepare workouts; knowing who will show up would be a big help.


July 13
Today’s workout was a 5-mile run with 4 pickups along the way.
Warm up at the track then an easy run to Sunset Park.
Picked up the pace at Sunset in three segments as follows:
40 seconds at about 6 min pace, 40 seconds at about 5:30 pace, 40 seconds at about 5 min pace. This was run along Ocean.
Then we crossed at the Del, and ran down to the bike path and repeated the pickup sequence running south along the bike path.
Ran easy again to Glorietta Bay Park, then along the Bay towards the Boat House. Past the Boat House we ran the pickup again followed by easy running to the Golf Course. Did the final pickup starting at the Golf Course to 5th along Glorietta. Then an easy run to Spreckels Park where we did bands and core.
All boys, no girls today.

July 10
Today we did a modified Veronique Billat 30/30 vVo2max workout.
30 seconds at vVO2max (a little slower than mile race pace) followed by 30 seconds of jogging, over and over. We started with 10 reps, took a six-minute break, then did 10 more with a 60 second rest.
The last 3 in the second group were progressively faster. Warm up at Spreckels Park followed by a 2-mile run to Pomona Park, reps at Pomona. Then it was back to Spreckels for strides and core.

July 8
We warmed up at the track.
Then we ran 4.2 miles at low tempo from the track down 6th to Alameda, to Tidelands Park,  to the 10th street hill near the tennis court along Glorietta blvd.
At the 10th Street Hill we did three reps ranging from 1500 to 785 meters with progressive pace. We jogged to Spreckels Park for Bands and Core.

July 5
Warm up on track. Ran long way to Tidelands Park.
At Tidelands ran 5 x 746 meters (top loop) at CV pace and faster for the lastfew.
Four 15-20 second fast strides on grass (berm to berm)
Leg routine .. squats, lunges, rocket jumps, 10-count body builders.
Keep your mileage up and start bringing a watch.

July 1
Today we did a lunge matrix routine on the track then ran to Sunset Park to finish the warmup. We ran 4 x 2 minutes on the dunes with a 2-minute rest.
At Sunset Park we ran 8 x 170 meter reps at mile race pace and faster.
We finished with a band routine.

June 28
Warm up at track then ran easy with pickups (Fartlek) for up to six miles around town down 6th to Tidelands Park, under bridge to Glorietta Blouvard, to the community center, and back down Glorietta to Pomona to 7th to Spreckels Park. At Spreckels we did 4 x 120 meter strides and a combo band/SAM routine.

June 25
Warm up at Spreckels Park then ran down Glorietta Blvd to Pomona Park (1.5 miles). There we did 4x1000 (a few did 1200 for the first rep) at CV pace. Ran back to Spreckels where we did a band/core routine.

June 22
After a warmup at the track we ran base pace the long way to Tidelands Park (2.5 miles) with the final half mile or so including 3 x 30 second on-off surges. At Tidelands, depending on level) we ran a loop or two around the park then under the bridge to Glorietta Blvd (1.7 miles). This pace (for the top group) was a bit under 7 min/mile. Then the pace increased to 6:30 for about 1000 meters and finally to a bit under 6 for 840 meters to Pomona Ave, At Pomona Park we did 4 hill strides (2 up an 2 down) and a SAM routine.

June 20
After a warmup at Spreckels Park we ran easy pace to Glorietta Bay Park (2 miles). From GBP we ran progressive Cruise Intervals to Tidelands Park. Top group ran 3 x 4 minutes with 2 minute easy in between at 6:50, 6:30, 6:00 & faster pace. At Tidelands we ran the 750 meter loop fast .... faster than mile race pace. Then we did a mini band routine and recovered back to the school. Total distance was a bit over 6 miles.

June 17
We ran to Pomona Park after a dynamic warm-up. Then we did four Critical Velocity repeats on the “hill” there. The more experienced runners ran 1k repeats; the others ran 800, 475, or 322 repeats. Strides and core followed this.