Girls' 800 meter record: Teresa Perez 2:13.38, 2017
CIF Finals at Mt. Carmel
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Teresa Perez

The 800 meter run has become so competitive that even though Teresa Perez broke a record that was set before she was born nearly 2 decades ago at the State Finals, she didn't qualify for the State meet in 2017. She was, however, very close... just missing by 7/100 of a second. She did qualify for the 2019 state meet in her senior year with a time of 2:13.71.

Teresa has the best range of any athlete I've coached. She has 13.3 speed in the 100, 26.9 speed in the 200, sub 60 speed in the 400, and also holds the school records for the 1600, and the 2-mile run. To top this off she has a sub 17:00 mark for 3 miles (16:55), and once held the City Confrence Cross Country Course Record over a tough 3.11 mile circuit with a time of 18:15.

Samantha Piper
Photo shows Piper leading the field at the
1998 Sundevil Invitational at Mt. Carmel.
From the right Piper, Valhalla's Leslie
Brevin, Torry Pines' Camille Dredge, and
Fallbrooks' Cathy Pica had the 4 fastest
times for the 800 (in that order) at the end
of the 1998 season.
Previous record Holder
Samantha Piper 2:14.13

At the State Finals in Norwalk on June 5th 1998 Samantha Piper lowered her PR in the 800 meter run to 2:14.13 while placing 8th in the state.  Two weeks earlier at the Harbor League finals she had lowered her PR and school record in the 400 to 57.55.

Sam's time in the 800 was the best in the county for 1998 and the fastest by a San Diego runner since 1993. Her 400 time ranked as the county's 5th fastest for 1998.

In  Addition to her 2 individual records she was a member of the record 4x400 relay team.
Like her predecessor, Jessica Lunt (below), Piper's success is a result of a long-term training plan and dedication to the sport that includes year-round training.

Previous Womens 800 meter record: Jessica Lunt 2:19.85
(Balboa Stadium 1996)

JessicaLuntAward.jpg (15661 bytes)Jessica was one of the top milers in the country and in most big meets she'd opt for the 1600 and run the 800 as an afterthought or not at all. For the harbor league championships, however, she always ran and always won. He time of 2:19.85 at the league championships in 1996 wasn't the first time she broke the 800 record but I'd have to do a bit of research to figure out just when that was .... some other day perhaps.

Previous Womens 800 meter record: Gigi English 2:21.1
(Mt Carmel 1985)

GiseleEnglish.jpg (13946 bytes)This record was set on  Mt. Carmel's Dirt Track at 880 yards in 2:21.9. Converted to a metric time it's 2:21.1 as shown above. Gigi English once held Coronado's 300 meter hurdle record and until the 1999 season was one of the members of Coronado's 4 x 100 meter record holding team.