Basic Shirt...
This is the starting point for all shirts. The elements are shown on the "value"
Tee that comes only in white. Both sides are populated with the 4 graphic elements
and a text field for your name is included on the right top. If you want this shirt
as shown, just enter your name in the box provided. From the initial screen you
can also delete any of the elements. For additional modification press the
" Customize" button you'll see on the left bottom part of the image. This will allow
you complete control to resize, move, delete, or add additional elements.
All of the other examples here started with this basic shirt. As you can see, the
printed area is quite large. If you don't want this big a design, just drag it smaller
in the editor. Also this image area is vertical. For less vertical space and a little
more horizontal space there's a Vertical/Horizional option in the editor.
Chick Here to see this same design printed on a black shirt.

Click here then select Customize to start creating your shirt.

Basic Shirt