Boys' 100 Meters 11.06 seconds
Kyle Brown
(Mt. Carmel High School 2008)
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Kyle BrownThe current boys record for 100 meters of 11.06 was set at the 2008 CIF prelims by Kyle Brown (right photo). In 2007 he ran 11.18 to break the Marvin Dingle's 100 meter record (see convoluted details below) and in 2008 lowered that to 11.06 to claim sole possession of the "100 record".

Kyle is also the school record in the triple jump and has long jumped nearly 23'.

JRogers.jpg (7611 bytes)Boys' 100 Yards: 9.9 seconds
Ray Turnipseed and Jim Rodgers
(Los Angeles 1944 and Escondido 1976)

The 100 yard dash record was set by two runners. Ray Turnipseed set the mark in 1944, followed by Jim Rodgers in 1976. I couldn't find a photo or information about Turnipseed in the yearbooks. Jim Rodgers is pictured to the left in a photo scanned from the 1976 yearbook.  The varsity that year consisted of only 10 members, but two of them were Rodgers and distance runner Rick Satterlee, who stills holds the 3200 meter record of 9:29.3c (converted from 2 miles). Because the 100 yard dash has long since been replaced with the 100 meter dash for some time we them both as the "100" record. If the 9.9 second time for 100 yards were extended to 100 meters the result would be 10.83 seconds (100 meters is 9.36 yards longer than 100 yards). Then, if you apply the hand-to-electronic conversion of .24 seconds you wind-up with a converted time of 11.07. However, this doesn't take into account the deceleration a runner would experience over those last 9.36 yards, and no wind information is available.


Previous 100 meter record holder Marvin Dingle
(Hoover High Schol 2001)

Prior to Kyle Brown's 11.18 the 100 meter record was set by Marvin Dingle at Balboa stadium by Marvin Dingle (right photo) at the Harbor League championships in 2001 when he ran 11.44. Dingle's record, however was for 100 meters. When the 100 yard record was converted up to 100 meters the yard version was faster. Because there's a 10% difference between the two distances we kept both records for some time.