Boys' 4 x 100 Meter Relay
(Sweetwater High School 1963)
44.22 FAT
(San Diego High School, Balboa Statdium 2000)
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The 4x100 was orginally set as a 440 (quarter mile) relay at Sweetwater in 1963 when 200 meter record holder, Bill Corlett, teamed up with Rick Easton, John Everett, and Jay Dudney and ran 44.3. This was later converted to the metric equivalent of 44.0. In 2000 and electronic time of 44.22 was run by Felipe Hernandez, Marvin Dingle, Kherri Fernandand, and Steven Gooden. Since the 2000 race was run on an all-weather track and the 1963 race on dirt and electronically timed we're keeping both on the books as the 4 x 100 record.

2000 4x100 record holders: 44.22 FAT on all-weather track.
Felipe Hernandez, Marvin Dingle, Kherri Fernand and Steven Gooden

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1963 4x100 record holders: 44.0 converted hand time on dirt