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Girls' 100 Meter Hurdles Record
Ruthie Grant-Williams 15.50

In 2018, Ruthie (left, below) ran 15.50 at the Escondido Invite. The wind reading was 0.0.
At the CIF finals, she placed second for us with a time of 15.34. However the wind reading was 2.6 so her time at the Escondido was her best non wind-aided mark to date. The points she won in the 100 hurdles, the high jump, and the 4x100 relay was a big factor in our winning the Section Division II championship in 2018.

In 2017 Ruthie broke the tie that she shared with Camille Wilson.
Her best non wind-aided time for the season was 15.70 at the CIF Prelims.

Previous record holders

Camille Wilson 15.88 at CIF Finals Mt. Carmel 2013
Ruthie Grant-Williams at Frosh/Soph meet 2016

Ruthie Grant-Williams
In 2016 we got an influx of freshman girls that enabled us to win the Freshman girls' trophy at the Frosh/Soph meet and place 2nd for girls at the CIF the D-II championships. One of these girls was Ruthie Grant-Williams who tied the school Record for the 100 meter hurdles with a time of 15.88.
Ruthie also was the lead-off leg for the
school record 4x100 team, also set in 2016.

Camille WilsonAs you can see from the previous record holders below we've had a lot of girls in the low 16 second range. Camille Wilson was the first Islander girl to run under 16 seconds. When she first came out as junior we suspected that she'd eventually get the record because she had sub 13 second speed in the 100 and 3-stepped the 100 meter hurdles the first day. Her best time in her senior year was during the last meet of the season, the CIF finals, where she placed 5th with a new school record time of 15.88.

Here is a video of that race.

Previous record holder Sarah Player 16.10

Sarah Player got her three step working at the end of the 2006 season and broke Jamie Klages' record in the 100 meter hurdles by .06 seconds at the Central League finals at Patrick Henry. In 2007 at the Jaguar invite she lowered it to 16.10.

She currently still has the school record for the
300 meter hurdles. Previously she also held the school records for both the 200 and 100 meter Dashes. .

Here's video of Sarah winning
the 100 hurdles at league finals.

Previous record holder Jamie Klages 16.30

Jamie Klages' electronic time of 16.30 over 33 inch hurdles was the first clear improvement to the 100 meter hurdles record in 18 years. Although her time was the same as the old hand-timed record, FAT times are considered to be .24 seconds slower for sprints than hand-timed races because there is no human reaction involved. Also, since the race was over hurdles that were 3 inches higher one must assume the race was more difficult. The electronic time alone, however, is enough to justify this as the new record for the 100 hurdles. You'll find Jamie on the record board in two other places. She's the current record holder for the high jump and is a member of the current record for the 4x400 relay.

Previous record holder Lani Kuhlow 16.64 (2001)

The first girl to approach the Georgia Chakos' 1985 record (set at 30") was Lani Kuhlow who ran 16.64 over 33 inch hudles at Escondido during the CIF prelims. If the standard .24 conversion from FAT to hand-timed events is applied Lani's time falls .34 seconds short of Chakos' record, but the other factors to consider are the greater height, the rounding-up of hand times, and the difference between running on all-weather and dirt tracks. At this point there was no clear way to separate the two records so we kept them both as co-records.
Lani was also on both the record 4x100 and
4x400 relay teams.


Previous record holders (33"):
Kelly Marshall 17.9 (1996)
Courtney Hakes 20.6 (1994)

MarshallBarrLunt.jpg (13016 bytes)In 1994 the height of the women's high school 100 meter hurdle event was raised from 30 inches to 33 inches producing a new event, the women's high hurdles. Kelly Marshall set the 33" version of the record with a time of 17.9 set in 1996 on the new Coronado track. She's seen in the photo to the right with Toni Barraza and miler Jessica Lunt.

Courtney Hakes set the original record at the new height in 1994 at at Balboa stadium with 20.6.

Women's 100 Meter Hurdles (30"): Georgia Chakos 16.3hc

Chakos.jpg (10590 bytes)

Georgia Chakos (left) set the women's 110 yard hurdle record at Sweetwater High in 1985 with a time of 16.4 which was later converted to 100 meters in 16.3c.
Chakos was also a member of the1984 record 4x100 relay team.