Girls' 400 Meter Dash: Samantha Piper 57.55
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This record was set by Samantha Piper at the Harbor League finals on May 15th 1998 and ranks as the 5th fastest in the county for that year.  Details of the old record set by Teta Murphy are below. Samantha was also one of the members of the girls 4x400 meter record team and until 2017 held the girls' record for the 800 meter run.


Former record holder; Teta Murphy 59.4c

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In 1980 Teta Murphy was on the record board 4 times for the 400, the long jump, the high jump and the 4x400 meter relay. While paging through the 1980 yearbook I noticed that she was also the homecoming queen and active in lots of other sports as well.