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George Green
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History of Coronado Cross Country

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2014  Cross Country

Cross Country Summer Training   
Nobody says it better than Alberto Salazar.
The short clip below has two words of wisdom that will
go a long way toward getting you ready for this season.

The entire Salazar "Master The Shift" video series
is in our "Team Only" Area. You'll need a user name and password for access. If you are a team member or parent and don't have this information email me.

See my blog for more specific workouts.

Contact Form
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Like last year, we have a minimum pace requirement to be a member of the team. *

Girls must be able to run a 1.5 miles no slower than 12 minutes and boys no slower than 10:00.
    Equivalent times at other distances from 1500 meters up are also acceptable.
A few examples are in the table below.

Girls Boys
1500 Meters 7:15 1500 Meters 6:02
1600 Meters 7:45 1600 Meters 6:28
1 Mile 7:50 1 Mile 6:30
1.5 Miles 12:00 1.5 Miles 10:00
2 Miles 16:20 2 Miles 13:35
3 Miles 25:00 3 Miles 20:50
5000 Meters 26:00 5000 Meters 21:40
10,000 Meters 54:00 10000 Meters 45:05
15,000 Meters 1:23:15 15,000 Meters 1:10:00
Half-Marathon 1:59:30 Half-Marathon 1:39:30

New Team Members
If you plan to be a viable runner on the cross country team I suggest that you don't wait until the first offical day of practice on August 21 to start your training. If you can only bearly manage the minimum standards above you're going to be at the back of the pack during many of our training run. Please fill-out the Contact Form above and you'll be notified about the summer program and be put on a text / email list about this summers training.

What's Cross Country Like?
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There are only two true sports: Track and Cross Country. All the rest are just games.