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Girls' 4 x 100 meter relay: 49.26
Mission Hills High School Central League Finals 2016

4x100 relay
The current record of 49.26 was set in 2016 at the Central League finials in 2016 by (in order) Ruthie Grant-Williams, Madison Shanks, Gabby Mueller, and Alysah Hickey. All were freshmen with the exception of Mueller who was a sophomore. Alysah also set a new 100 meter record this year and was the CIF champion in the High Jump with a leap of 5 feet 5 inches. Ruthie tied the school record for the 100 hurdles.

From left to right in the photo to the right are Alysah Hickey, Gabby Mueller, Madison Shanks, and Ruthie Grant-Williams. The girls' team went unbeaten in 2016 to win the Central League Championship.

 Previous record holders: 50.91
Poway High School 1999

This version of the 400 meter relay record was set while placing 5th at the 1999 CIF-2 championships  by Lani Kuhlow, Kiley Dunlap, Kathleen Taylor and Dinisha Robinson (L-R in the photo to the right). The running order was Robinson, Dunlap, Taylor and Kuhlow. Dunlap and Taylor were also members of the record holding 4 x 400 team of 1999. The girls team went unbeaten in '99 to win the Harbor League championship.

1999Girls400RR.jpg (44007 bytes)
From left, Lani Kuhlow, Kiley Dunlap, Kathleen Taylor, Dinisha Robinson.

Previous record holders: 51.5c
Sweetwater High School 1984

The previous 4x110 yard record was set in 1984 at the Sweetwater 1/4 mile track in 51.8 and later converted to the metric equivalent of 51.5c. Three members of this team set other CHS records. Tricia Rexrode, the 100 and 220 yard sprint records;  Gigi English, the  330 yard low hurdles; and Georgia Chakos the 110 yard low hurdles.

womens4X100Relay.jpg (21640 bytes)
Georgia Chakos Gigi English Stacy Carter   Tricia Rexrode