Girls' Long Jump Record Madeline Hopson 17' 8"
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In 1963 Peg Rankin set the Coronado Long Jump Record so high that it wasn't bested for 49 years. In 1980 Teta Murphy managed to tie it and in 2012 Maddy Hopson finally broke it. As a freshman Maddy came close with 17-3 and as a sophomore, at the CIF finals, she hit the board just right. In 2013 she extended her record to 17-8 in a dual meet at Madison. Maddy also holds the Triple Jump record that she broke in 2011 as a freshman, and again in 2012 as a sophomore.

Click here for a video of Maddy jumping at the
2012 CIF finals when she broke the record.


A jumper to watch for 2018: As good as Maddy was, Junior Alysah Hickey, who currently holds both the100 and 200 meter dash records and was the CIF section champ in both the 100 and high jump, will probably break her record this spring. At the San Diego State Red/Black meet Alysah jumped 18 feet 1/2 inch. Since the jump wasn't during track season, it didn't count as a school record, but stay tuned.


Previous Record 17 feet 5 inches

Teta Murphy and Peg Rankin

While looking through the 1963 yearbook for photos of the men's 4x100 relay team I came across a section describing the 2nd year of women's track at CHS. Although the CIF was not yet allowing women to compete in interscholastic sports, they competed in individual sports such as track and swimming in meets throughout the county.  The Islander squad was small but two individals had outstanding marks, Peg Rankin in the long jump and Cheryl Anderson in the shot put. Rankin's jump was one of the best in the country at the time and I've added her to the CHS records. Years later in 1980 Teta Murphy duplicated that jump.

TetaMurphy2.jpg (22491 bytes)
Teta Murphy from a photo in the 1980 year book. In addition to sharing the long jump record, Murphy  held the high jump record, and was on the record 4x400 relay team and held the 400 meter record in 1980.
PegRankin.jpg (16817 bytes)
Peg Rankin from a photo in the 1963 year book. By press time she had jumped 17'5", one of the best jumps in the country at that time. I don't know if she later bettered that mark. If you do, please let me know.