Boys' 1600 Meters: Erik Armes 4:10.09
Also mile = 4:13.17 and 1500 = 3:55.47

(California State Finals 6 June 2015)
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Final update for the 1600 has Erik placing 5th at the California State Meet with a time of 4:10.09
Here is a Video of that race.

Erik at state finals
Finish of State 2015 State Meet 1600 Meter Run by Smotherman Images

Final Update for the Mile was at the Arcadia Invite on April 11 where placed 5th in the Invite Heat in 4:13.17
Here is a video of that race.

Note... in the initial score board results they missed his finish but added later..

Final Update for the 1500 was at the Aztek Invite on March 7th where he won his heat with a time of 3:55.47
Here is Video of That Race.

An update to the records below is a new mark for the 1500. On April 26 April 2014 Erik placed 4th in the 1500 meter run at the UCSD Triton Invite with a time of 3:55.59.
Here is a video of that race.


Erik at Arcadia 2014Well... as stated below here is the 1st update. At the Arcadia Invite on April 12, 2014 he won the seeded mile with a time of 4:14.70. This translates to a 1600 meter time of 4:13.23 and, for now, is the current school record. Because I have a video available of the last 120 meters of the race I was able to extract the 1500 meter time of 3:59.98 using the video's time-line. This is also a new school record and breaks the record set by Jake Ruzevick at the Occidental Invite in 2004. Since the mile, 1500, and 1600 are commonly run, all three of these times count as school records. However, only the 1600 is run at the League, CIF, and state championship meets.


Erik Armes


Erik Armes spent his youth track days in Carlsbad before a family military move took him to Okinawa. His first two years of high school were at Camp Foster's Kubaski High where he ran 4:25.5 as sophomore. When he moved back to San Diego, at Coronado High, he finally had the competition needed to reach his potential as a runner. In his 3rd meet of his junior season, the Mt. Carmel Invite on March 26th, he clocked a PR time in the 1600 meter run of 4:16.32 which broke the school record set by Cheyne Jones in 1997.


In his senior year he added both the 800 and 3200 meter records to list of accomplishments.





Previous Record Holder: Cheyne Jones 4:17.13a
(San Diego HS, Balboa Stadium 1997)

CheyneSetsRecord.jpg (27419 bytes)

Cheyne Jones decided to take track very seriously in his senior year and knocked over 20 seconds off his previous best time for the metric mile (1600 meters).   He started the season with a fast 4:09 1500 meter run but then caught bronchitis and struggled through most of the season bearly able to run 4:30 1600', so he wasn't considered a serious contender at CIF. Once he got rid of the bug, his times came down rapidly culminating in an exciting dash-for-the-finish at the CIF championships with West Hill's Even Fox. Fox won by  .39 seconds in 4:16.74 to Jones' 4:17.13 in a race that produced the two  fastest "mile" times in the county for 1997.

Converted to a mile, which is 10.2 yards longer, he would have run 4:18.7 or 5 seconds faster than the previous mile record set by Rick Satterlee when he ran 4:23.7 at Vista in 1977.



CheyneMVP.jpg (14457 bytes)
Cheyne recieves MVP award at track Banquet from coaches
George Green
(left) and Mel Bechtel.

Boys' 1500 meter record:
Jake Ruzevick 4:04.56
(Occidental 2004)

Now that there are more 1500 meter runs at the high school level it makes sense to have a school record for this distance. A good argument could be made to convert Cheyne Jones' 1600 record to a 1500 meter time but that wouldn't be consistent with the way the other records were set. His race wasn't taped so there is no way to time just the first 1500 meters. In 2004 Jake Ruzevick ran several very good 1500's the fastest being his 4:04.56 clocking at the Oxy invite.


Previous Record Holder: Rick Satterlee 4:23.7 for mile
(Vista High School 1977)

For 37 years Rick was the best runner CHS has ever had for distances over 1 mile. From 1977 to 2015 he held the 2-mile/3200 meter record and was an outstanding cross country runner.

Previous Record Holder:
The record holder before Satterlee for both the mile and 2-mile was Whitney Calland who ran around 4:27 and 9:53. I don't know the exact year of the records but the photos are from the 1963 year book so it was around that time.

Previous Record Holder:
Russell Rumney 4:36.9 for mile in 1950

Or... it could be Tom Rice with a time of 4:37.8 in 1940.
There's a great article about Rice by Eagle Writer Dave Axelson at this link.