Boys' 3200 Meters:
Erik Armes 9:15.72
1 May 2015 Escondido High School
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Running at night in a loaded 3200 meter run at the 2015 Escondido Invite on 1 May, Erik Armes took the 3200 meter record to a new level with a time of 9:15.72.

Erik at Escondido
Photo by Gabriel Sanchez of the 2015 Escondido 3200 meter run

This completes the sweep of Islander Distance records for Erik, as he also holds the
1600 meter record and once held the 800 meter record which was broken in 2018 by Ian Hurlburt.

The previous record was 9:29.3 set 37 years earlier by Rick Satterlee. A bit of Islander Trivia follows :-)

Rick's dad, Dick Satterlee, was the Athletic Director for Coronado and for a few years took over the head coaching job for both Track and Cross Country when legendary coach Sunday Durland retired. Dick was aptly assisted by former Coronado Distance runner Jeff Rigdon. Although Jeff never set a school record at Coronado he spent his college running career at Northern Arizona University where the 2 mile + altitude at Flagstaff turned him into a pretty good distance runner. When he came back to San Diego I had two great training partners in both Jeff and, on occasion, Rick.

-George Green
Head Track/CC coach, Coronado

Previous Record Holder: Rick Satterlee
(Clula Vista High School 1978)

RickSatterlee.jpg (11811 bytes)

Rick Satterlee was Coronado's best ever runner for distances over 1 mile for 37 years. His best 2-mile time of 9.32.6 was run at Chula Vista high school. This converts to 9:29.3c for 3200 meters.

RickSatterleeCCTeam.jpg (24183 bytes)

Previous Record Holder:
The record holder before Satterlee for both the mile and 2-mile was Whitney Calland who ran around 4:27 and 9:53. I don't know the exact year of the records but the photos are from the 1963 year book so it was around that time.